Cars With Zero Road Tax for Sale

Road tax is something we’ve all heard of and had to pay. Since 1st April 2017, the new road tax system means that any petrol or diesel car registered after that date incurred a fixed charge, regardless of its CO2 emissions.

Road Tax Explained

The base tax rates are determined by vehicle fuel type, with yearly costs as follows:

  • Electric vehicles - Free
  • Petrol or Diesel - £155
  • Alternative fuels (e.g. hybrid vehicles) -  £145

For vehicles with an original list price over £40,000 the vehicle tax for the first 5 years has an additional £335 levy. This additional tax rate drops to the vehicle’s standard rate once the 5 years has passed.

For vehicles with zero emissions the road tax remains free, regardless of vehicle value.

Zero Road Tax Cars

We have a range of electric vehicles with £0 road tax for you to browse. All cars are available to book a test drive, reserve online for £99 and collect at your local Motorpoint branch.