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Why Get A Car Valuation From Motorpoint?

We make car buying easy, which starts with your part exchange:

  • Get a competitive price for your car - our prices are constantly updated to reflect market value, so you can be sure that you’re getting a great price.
  • No fees - no third parties are involved when selling your vehicle, so you won’t be charged any additional selling or admin fees.
  • Convenience - save yourself the time and effort of having to sell your old car privately
  • 14 day price guarantee - the valuation of your vehicle is guaranteed for 14 days
  • Help with settling finance - we will help settle any existing finance and deal with all the paperwork if you sell or part exchange your old vehicle with a new one from us.
  • Quick - once your price has been agreed, we can take your old car and you can drive home in your new purchase on the same day
  • No obligation car valuation - get a free valuation for your car, with no commitment to part exchange


Part Exchanging Your Car & Covid-19

Part exchanging your car with Motorpoint is completely safe. We have additional measures in place to ensure minimum contact during the part exchange of your old car and the handover of your new car. Learn more.

Your Car Valuation Questions Answered

What information do I need to value my car?

All you need to get started is your car registration plate and its current mileage. We will also ask you questions about it’s current condition and service history.

How is the value of my car calculated?

Our team uses an in-house valuation system based on data from CAP (the market leading automotive industry database) to give you an immediate price for your vehicle.

The only information you need is your registration number and current mileage, along with some details about your car. From this, we will be able to provide a guide price and start the process of part-exchanging your car.

Is my online car valuation guaranteed?

The price provided is guaranteed provided that all of the information regarding its current condition is correct. Our team will inspect the vehicle and provide a more specific price once they have seen your car, and outline next steps.

How long is my car valuation valid?

The vehicle value will be valid for 14 days from the day of quotation. If you bring your car to be part exchanged within 14 days of your initial quotation, the valuation provided will be honoured (providing details given on the vehicle's condition are correct).

Are there any additional fees if I sell or part exchange my car with Motorpoint?

No. We won’t charge any admin fees when you sell or part exchange your car, so the price you are quoted will be the price that you will receive towards paying off finance on your current vehicle (if there is any), to be used towards the purchase of your next nearly new car, or as cash if you are selling your car.

Can I sell or part exchange a vehicle that has outstanding finance?

The finance on your vehicle will be settled using the value from the part exchange or sale. Any remaining value will then either be paid out to you, or you can put it towards your new one.

Bring your car to your nearest Motorpoint store and we will calculate the remainder of your current finance and provide options to help you settle this and get a new car.

How does selling or part exchanging my car work with PCP?

Part exchanging when you have PCP on your current car is easy. We will help you settle the outstanding amount, and any value left will either be paid to you as part of the sale of your car, or used towards the purchase of your next nearly new vehicle.

Can I sell or part exchange a vehicle on HP?

We're happy to help with your Hire Purchase part exchange or sale. Our team can help you settle any outstanding finance on your current vehicle. Any remaining value will either be paid back to you if you are selling, or go towards your next purchase once your hire purchase finance has been settled.

Can I sell or part exchange a car on finance if it has negative equity?

We can still accept part exchange cars that have negative equity. You will need to pay the remainder of any outstanding finance plus any deposit towards your new vehicle.

If you are looking to sell your vehicle, unfortunately we are unable to purchase cars on finance in negative equity if want to sell without part exchanging.

Which cars do you accept for sale or part exchange?

We can accept any car for sale or part exchange so long as it is in a drivable condition.

Can I sell or part exchange my van?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept sales or part exchanges for vans or commercial vehicles online. To discuss selling a van or commercial vehicle please call our team on 01332 227227

Can I sell or part exchange a car on behalf of someone else?

You must be the registered owner of the vehicle to be able to sell or part exchange it.

Can I sell or part exchange a company car?

We can accept sales or part exchanges on a company car as long as the name of the company on the car’s V5C matches the name of the company on the invoice of the car being purchased.

Can I sell or part exchange a car on probate?

If you are legally entitled to a car on probate, you will need to transfer the name on the V5C to your own before we can continue with a sale or part exchange.

My car is scrap or a non-runner. Can I still sell or part exchange it?

The car that you are selling or part exchanging must be in a drivable condition in order for us to accept it.

Does my car need an MOT to qualify for a sale or part exchange?

Any vehicle being sold or part exchanged must have a minimum of 3 months MOT.

Cars with an MOT of 3 months or more will receive a better price.

Can I sell or part exchange without a V5 (V5C) for my car?

Unfortunately, you cannot sell or part exchange your vehicle without your V5, as this proves that you are the legal owner of the vehicle.

If you can’t find your vehicle’s V5C document, it’s really easy to replace. Just contact DVLA or visit their website.

What documents do I need to bring with me when I sell or part exchange my vehicle?

Once you have received a price for your sale or part exchange, you will need to bring the following information to complete the exchange:

  • V5C/Log Book
  • MOT Certificate
  • Spare Keys (if available)
  • Service History (if available)
  • A copy of your finance settlement letter (if you have outstanding finance to be cleared)