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Peugeot bicycles have won the Tour de France, TV detective Columbo wouldn’t have got to the scene of the crime without his trusty 403 convertible, and Peugeot has even won the gruelling Le Mans 24 Hours sportscar race, but the British love affair with the French car maker really began with the 205 hatchback of the 1980s – small, perfectly formed and great to drive, the little 205 was a smash hit.

Peugeot still knows how to produce affordable, stylish and fun-to-drive hatchbacks – just check out its 108, 208 and 308 line-up. In fact, the 208 even bagged the coveted European Car Of The Year award in 2020, underlining Peugeot’s recent return to form after spending the noughties in the doldrums.

The car that really announced Peugeot’s return won the same award three years before, and it represented a whole new market segment for the brand with the lion badge: the 3008 SUV. That success has spawned an entire family of ‘double-oh’ SUVs and crossovers, from the larger 5008 to the more compact 2008, all of which use efficient four-cylinder engines to keep running costs nice and affordable. They’re well worth a look, as is Peugeot’s brilliant 508 saloon, a great value if super-premium twist on the default German executive choice.

More recently, Peugeot has given buyers unprecedented choice as the car industry shifts towards electrification – its new 208 and 2008 are available with not only efficient petrol and diesel engines, but also zero-emissions electric too. Larger models such as the 508 and 3008 are available with petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid engines, so whatever your budget or fuel of choice, there’s sure to be a fantastic Peugeot in stock for you today.