Motorpoint Quality Standard

Motorpoint Quality Standard
We know that you want peace of mind when you buy your next new car. That’s why our team of experts work hard to make sure every car gets a thorough check before you drive away so it’s as close to new as it can be.
Vehicle standard

Buy with confidence at Motorpoint thanks to our comprehensive Motorpoint Quality Standard. Any registered vehicle over 100 miles will have the following checked.


  • Any chips are touched in with the correct colour
  • Light scratches are polished and improved
  • Scratches over 50mm are painted by our specialists
  • Dents are removed
  • Windscreen chips are repaired to MOT standard
  • Windscreens that cannot be repaired are replaced
  • Lamps and mirrors are replaced if cracked


  • All tears and burns will be repaired
  • Cabin trims are replaced if broken or cracked
  • Free from odours


  • Any kerb damage on alloys refurbished
  • Minor chips and scratches touched in


All tyres will meet this standard or be replaced.

  • Tyres have a minimum of 2.5mm across the central ¾ of the tyre
  • No large cuts or bulges


  • No MOT due within six months
  • No service due within three months or 2,000 miles
  • No warning lights

Additional Items

We will supply all items that come as standard

  • SD Card
  • Spare key
  • Handbook
  • Service book
  • Parcel shelf

If these items are not available on the day of collection, we will endeavour to get these to you within 30 days. Please note that vehicle floor mats do not come as standard.

Ask a friendly member of staff to go through the Motorpoint Quality Standard with you!