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Mazda is quite possibly the motoring world’s best kept secret. The Japanese car maker might be worshipped by enthusiasts who can’t get enough of the MX-5 and old RX-7/RX-8 sports cars, but it’s rarely a name found on the tip of mainstream buyers’ tongues. Thing is, it should be, because Mazda has a habit of producing exceptionally good cars, not just sports cars, but hatchbacks, saloons and SUVs too.

No matter which segment you’re looking at, Mazdas are beautifully built and designed, with that distinctively Japanese knack of reducing everything to an uncluttered minimum, as though a feng shui expert’s swept through the cabin and removed anything unnecessary from the bodywork. Mazda calls this gorgeous simplicity Kodo: Soul of Motion design.

Mazdas are also nicely equipped and impressively lightweight, which helps them to be so fuel efficient and also so much fun to drive. The fact that they tend to be extremely reliable doesn’t hurt: the brand came out on top in the 2020 Consumer Reports annual reliability survey.

Now over 100 years old, Mazda has been a pioneer throughout its first century, notably with the radical rotary engine and more recently with its E-Skyactiv X technology – a petrol engine that sips fuel like a diesel.

While it has been late to electrification, Mazda is now embracing the low-carbon future with mild-hybrid technology that boosts efficiency without you having to change your habits, while there’s also the stylish MX-30 all-electric crossover if you’re keen to embrace the zero-emissions revolution.

The secret’s out then, a Mazda really should be on your shopping list. So let Motorpoint hook you up with the perfect nearly new Mazda today.