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Carlo Abarth is Italy’s answer to John Cooper – where Englishman Cooper is synonymous with hotted up, officially approved Minis, Austro-Italian Abarth did the same for Fiats. Today Abarth is still renowned among car enthusiasts as Fiat’s high-performance offshoot, and you’ll see the founder’s name above a Scorpion on the back of red-hot Fiat 500s.

Carlo founded his eponymous empire in 1949, after he’d already enjoyed success racing motorbikes and cars, so when he built bespoke cars for motorsport – appropriately enough based on Fiats – there was huge demand for other racers keen to emulate his success. Abarth also had a side-line in tuning kits for road cars. These pretty much always gave small cars a big sting in the tail, just like… you guessed it.

It wasn’t just customers who were impressed by Abarth’s skills, Fiat was too. So much so that the Italian company bought Abarth in 1971, turning it into a dedicated racing department. The name was also applied to the Fiat Strada Abarth hot hatch in the 1980s, although Abarth suffered the indignity of becoming a mere trim level in the 2000s. But in 2007 Fiat came to its senses, and once again made Abarth an independent company, albeit one still operating entirely under its control.

Today Abarth makes its own spicey twist on the Fiat 500 and 124 Spider, but the changes are so extensive that the Fiat badge is nowhere to be seen. Keeping those links to the past alive, Abarth continues to compete in motorsport and offers go-faster conversion kits for road cars too.

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